All Things Must Pass Water

the album the songs

2005 saw a return to Nashville, this time to engage the services of the delightful Britt Savage, in conjunction with the usual Nashville crew.

Congratulations to Britt on her vocal contribution, and, thence, to Lucy and others back in Brit itself to finish off the vocal work (with Neil, in this instance bringing up the rear - vocally!).

Perhaps we should have got Baby Spice to sing "Kiss by Kiss" - but maybe not...

Anyway, some nice, sometime angsty, ditties in the year of the Rooster, punctuated by death, desolation, life change, hope and redemption! - full house then...

Trouble is, it took the best part of the ensuing decade to clamber back up the slippery slope of fate after the emotional mudslide commencing in ’05!