Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba

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The Album

“Malibu”, finally released in 1994, was to have been “The Project” – job done, out of the system, back to life. Didn’t work out that way! The spark lead to a raging fire. Songs poured out, evolution of life, return to your passion, arrival of the odd muse, enough money to do it,….whatever…it rolled on and Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba is a celebration of pop. The “early” stuff you do in the first throws of reignited energy.

Home –produced, so sonically inferior, it does have that rawness. Around 1994 ADAT 8 track tape recorders came in….two and a half grand (compare that to a Mac in the 21st century and what you get for your money!). It meant that you could just about do it at home. The sort of thing you swear you’re going to re-record/re-mix, but the reality is that it probably wouldn’t be the same (though “Don’t Tango On My Heart” was subsequently re-recorded in Nashville, and the quality shows!)

Anyway, first incarnation of the Hamptons, featuring the stalwart refugee from the 80’s Mark “Milly” Millin on drums and young(er) Kevin of advertising fame on bass. It was all to end in tears by ’97 but we had fun doing these songs….in Neil’s lounge, Kevin’s basement, by a forest in Kent (where the odd frolic was had)….hey ho.

“Don’t Tango” was written in bed after skiing. “Walking In The Hamptons” was written about rich NY folk tasking their helicopters from Wall St. to said Hamptons for the weekend at that time Neil the lawyer was documenting securitisations for a US outfit in Greenwich, Ct.…. rock and roll!)

The Scottish guy we entrusted to master and promote it….what a scheister – hey ho. The artwork that originally cropped on the of the sheep’s heads too....…tee hee!

The choruses that say “Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba” and “Na Na Na Na Na” are as memorable as anything else – why write deep meaningful lyrics when you’ve nailed the essence of pop in an inane hook?! Save the other stuff for ballads……and folk……:)

The sheep on the front belonged to a neighbour…snapped at a lambing party – more rock and roll! It was at the time of Dolly the cloned sheep, which inspired the cover.

All up, a lot of fun and some great pop songs.