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The Album

The Chica Boom Boom Club is a dodgy club in Milan.

None of the Hamptons have actually been there but their mate "dangerous" Delgado has told them about it and, along with sundry clubs in various spots throughout Eastern Europe, and one in Barcelona, highly recommends it (very dodgy…). We doubt they play the Hamptons there!

Anyway, 2003 saw a return to Nashville where the good Mr Dreyer massaged the raw Hamptons material into wondrous shape. Unusually, it also contains three songs featuring female vocals!

Sally makes her fully-fledged solo singing debut on "Shadowblind", produced by Gene Rabbai in Nashville (separate team to Mark Dreyer and his crew, who dealt with the rest - thanks to all).

Also featuring on the album is Sherri Boardo, who sang the second verse of the Hamptons classic "Don't bypass my heart" - re-done Nashville mix! - and on "Three wishes". Both these are in the time honoured tradition of "you spend all your time under the car or drinking beer" and "I just do the dishes" versus "I have to go to work every day so we all stay afloat" and "give me some space" - sound familiar?

Anyway, this time Neil stayed in the Holiday Inn rather than the truckers motel, witnessed (but didn't run in) the Nashville marathon and entered into the "over sixteen section" of the local Nashville talent competition singing songs of love and divorce - curiously enough, one of the judges, a female lawyer (and presumably part-time musical judge) of thirty something vintage - brassy blonde (you know the type) - came up afterwards and said that Neil made her laugh the most and did he fancy a beer at Tootsie's? Wonder if she’s finally forgiven him for not turning up? More like never gave a damn :)

The basic stuff was recorded at Easter time but finished in the autumn, when, exhausted, Neil hightailed it to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney (World Cup Rugby quarter finals!), Auckland, Tahiti and Mexico City - during which time he had a lot of fun and encountered no musical inspiration whatsoever, though did catch, rather curiously, UB40 on the shores of Tahiti and King Crimson in Mexico City!.

The guy on the front is the "unknown Mexican trumpet player" who was playing outside something which looked like a bank in Mexico City - anyway, it fitted the bill and the Mexican bank became the dodgy club in Milan, courtesy of some computer wizardry perpetrated by skinny bearded blokes in a ramshackle office in West Dulwich, London. Once again, the album was recorded, mostly in Nashville and mixed by the Hamptons' good friends Dominique and Alex at Wolf Studios in London. Strange thing, life...