The Mountain The Mountain Neil Murray 2014
Sweet and Sour Sweet and Sour 3 Piece Sweet 2013
Wrinkly Andrew's Pie Dish Neil Murray 2013
Heartnoise Neil Murray 2011
Gordon Brown Gordon Brown - a Lament The Hamptons 2010
World Cup '06 Amthems World Cup '06 Anthems 4-4-2 2006
All things must pass water All Things Must Pass Water The Hamptons 2005
Merry Merry Christmas Merry Merry Christmas 4-4-2 2004
Kranksschaft Der Vaterland Krankßchaft 2004
Come on England Come on England 4-4-2 2004
Chica Boom Boom Club  Chica Boom Boom Club The Hamptons 2003
Don't ask me if I ski in Aspen Don't Ask Me If I Ski In Aspen The Hamptons 2002
Sammy and the Czech Mates Does She? Sammy and the Czech Mates 2001
Mind the Gap Mind The Gap The Hamptons 2001
Lovers In Life Lovers In Life The Hamptons 2000
Summer only happens in the Summer Summer Only Happens In The Summer The Hamptons 1999
It Happens It Happens The Hamptons 1998
Here Comes The Now Here Comes The Now The Hamptons 1997
The best thing about London Town The best thing about London Town
(is me and you)
The Hamptons 1996
Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba The Hamptons 1995
Return to Malibu Return to Malibu Neil Murray 1994