Come On England



Listen to the Euro 2004 anthem - "Come on England".
On 7th June 2004, at a studio in Wolverhampton which failed every health and safety regulation in Christendom, The Hamptons, one half of band 4-4-2 started the drive to boot the other Euro 2004 anthems into touch with 'Come on England!', a 21st century version of the Dexy's classic 'Come on Eileen'.

The Hamptons have long been championed by Barry BURBs of the British Underground Rock Bands site ( which supports the wealth of unrecognised musical talent across the UK.

In the autumn of 2003 Barry had been approached by brummie Steve Fox, nephew to the late John Botrill, original Dexy's drummer, with the anthem idea. But what to do with it? Barry called upon The Hamptons , together with Phil Doleman (banjo) from Derbyshire, Mark 'mad fiddler' Knight from the south coast, Lucy Wills (trumpet/vocals) from Shrewsbury and Scot Jimmy McCafferty (yes, a Scot on the England anthem!) on drums.

The demo was recorded under a railway arch in Bermondsey and attracted the attention of London label Gut records, at the beginning of 2004. Re-recorded in the Black country (home of Dexy's) in April 2004, it was quickly adopted by TalkSPORT as their Euro 2004 signature tune. Add a couple of page 3 girls, support from the Sun... and the rest is history... up the charts we went! Lost in the quarter finals (as usual) and down we crashed!

         The Cheeky Girls were the “special guests” at the single launch – says it all really. Still, we got on CD UK (woooo, Kat Deeley!) and Top Of The Pops and   got to be studiously ignored by N.E.R.D., aka, Pharrell Williams at the photo call….top man. Also got to hang out with Blue….well, you gotta take the rough with the smooth :)