It Happens

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The Album

If 1997 had seen some fractures, 1998 saw a whole pile of broken bones! A bleak year for the songwriter!

Imagine the bones lying in a neat pile on the floor of an anodyne apartment - on the floor because they couldn't get it together to haul themselves up on to the sofa - or imagine sitting on the edge of your bed taking a call from "that girl" with the "end of the world as we know it" message - right in the middle of writing "Dream Goodbye to You" - it might not have been oblivion, but you could see it from there.

Actually, abject desolation is just the ticket for a damn good "content" album, although this has some surprisingly upbeat and "hooky" numbers on it.

It also marked a totally new line up - Neil and Marky getting together with Marky's mates Andy on keyboards and Simon on bass. And then there was Chai, the girl from Singapore who had a physiological explanation of love (delivered by fax) and from whose flat in South Ken NM emerged for the studio session – should have stayed longer, it took hours to get the drum sound!

Fortunately there was sufficient anger and a dollop of "sod you then" to avoid this album becoming a Leonard Cohen CD!

Well, as the back cover says: "Sayonara 1998 - don't come back...".

By the way the stepped-on dog poo is plastic. We scoured Battersea Park but you just can't get quality dog poo on the streets anymore...

Incidentally, let's give credit to Ideal Mastering in London for mastering a good bit of The Hamptons work (thanks to Mark and Ali).

1999 was an altogether different proposition...