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The Album

There is a seventeen year gap between this Neil Murray album and the previous Neil Murray album, "Return to Malibu", released in 1994. The bit in between was a small matter of The Hamptons!

An adventure reflected in the music; songs, people, emotions, experiences. There are moments tucked away in some songs that still make your hair stand on end (well, NM’s anyway). If there are even a few of those, it makes it all worthwhile.

There are a few on "Heartnoise" (2011), which pulls the previous few years together. There are a lot of great players on the album, who must all be thanked for sprinkling a bit of fairy dust on the raw product. Musicians from Mark in Nashville to Nick in London. Jessica at Gravity Shack mixed and Kevin at Wired Masters mastered....and both did such a good job in bringing some homogeneity to a disparate bunch of recordings!

The original images for the artwork on this CD are reproduced on this site as they are compelling in terms of the link between what's in the heart and how it interlates with what's around it and expresses itself, in this case in sound. Thanks to Steve Caplin for honing them into final shape!

The Mayan calendar ended in 2012, but more sanguinely, it perhaps marked the beginning of a new era. We’ll go along with that....with a nice bottle of 2002 Gevrey Chambertin ushering it in!

In the meantime 2011 wasn't so bad: got an overdue album done (bit of a gap in the slightly hedonistic whirl of ‘07-‘11 which defied the credit crunch!), got a new band together (even did a gig at Ealing Golf Club with the original drummer for the Kinks sitting in!), talked a load of rubbish in sundry countries.....AND and chaired City Rocks, the first ever rock concert held at the Guildhall, City of London, in aid of the Lord Mayor's Appeal, featuring Bond, Chris Difford, Katie Melua and Bryan Adams.....(now if only we’d all written that Robin Hood song!) .

Photos for the year are in the Heartnoise Gallery.

We live in testing times; let's hope the final track comes to pass.

And as for "Song 13", well, don't know if that'll ever be sung.....or will ever need to be.

Onwards and upwards!