The Best Thing About London Town
(is me and you)

London Town
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The Album

This is strictly speaking an EP (for the youngsters, that means a piece of vinyl with two tracks on one side and two tracks on the other…) including a re-mix of Na Na Na Na Na. We met Ruben the barrister, who played keyboards, at a gig at the Mean Fiddler, London. He wasn't the best keyboard player in the world, but it's like the Sunday league football team - you could get better players but you might not want to have a pint with them afterwards! Anyway, nobody's going to tell The Hamptons that they're virtuosos…

Planning barrister, Rueben reeled off the lead riff on London Town and later, for various reasons, disappeared from the world of The Hamptons, largely to undertake the Heathrow Terminal 5 enquiry - hey, that's rock and roll...

If you listen very carefully, you might hear Sally on vocals on the chorus of London Town. This marked her first team appearance for The Hamptons after having been on the subs bench for some time.

This was the song that our friends at picked up on. Thanks Barry BURBs and JJ Arnold for putting in good words for the band and coming to the odd gig. Burbs stands for British Underground Rock Bands Site, now sadly defunct, overtaken by streaming and the like.
London paved the way for a complete album which was released as "Here Comes the Now" in 1997...