Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap
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The Album

Onwards and beyond the Millennium. The Hamptons back to Ba Ba Ba/Summer pop best. Like "Here comes the now", this album pretty much came from nowhere - written over a very short space of time at the beginning of 2001.

Now you might say some of it is pure inanity - but what was Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba or Na Na Na Na Na? As we always said, what’s good is what sticks in people's heads. Some of this stuff is pretty wacky and it's best that you don't examine some of the lyrics too closely – in fact some of it’s a bit lightweight to be honest, but hey ho….

This CD marks the first appearance of "The Hamptonettes" (in Bapbapdoowap) - listen out for them.

This was the first album mixed entirely on computer (Pro Tools of course!). It was first tinkered with by Mark at Ocean Studios and subsequently by the good men at Wolf Studios in South London (thanks to Alex and Dominique). The artwork was so obvious - it's what (in London) you see everyday of your life - sad isn't it? Someone asked how we got permission from London Underground to have someone dangle off the edge of the platform – good grief…..

This album features what we reckon is the strongest Hamptons line-up. Mark's (he knows everybody) friends (he's so lucky having friends...) Nick Lacey played piano and synths and Dan Warwick played a Warwick bass (no relation). Nick also apparently appears on Songs of Praise sometimes. Mark Law, who owns the Drum Shack in South London, also drummed. We also threw in a song which was recorded during the "Here Comes the Now" sessions by our ex-army parry-diddler.

Altogether a fairly stable upbeat and chirpy CD - it's what The Hamptons is really all about. Enjoy.