The Mountain

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These songs are dedicated to Caroline, who's unjust death occurred in 2012, just shy of her 50th birthday.

She died in love and loved by all around her, the happiest she'd ever been. She had reached the top of the (figurative) mountain and nothing can now push her off. The unfairness of life rears its ugly head from time to time. Whilst it's trite wisdom, it's not what happens, it's how you deal with it.

The production of this album was cathartic. Time was taken over it as acute grief evolved to treasured memories and an acute appreciation of life and those in it.

Ironically track 1 was written shortly before her death...a cruelly prophetic title.

Many people were involved in the end, ranging from our UK and Nashville friends to a sitar and tabla player in Goa!

The result is a rewarding, if sometimes hard, listen. The intensity of feeling behind the music and words are, perversely, born of emotion that is in the end the difference between life and existence.

Better to have been to the top of the mountain and fallen that have lived only in the valley.

But there's another valley...and another mountain.