Wrinkly Andrew's Pie Dish

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The Album

Wrinkly Andrew's Pie Dish


In 2012 there was a Jubilee street party in Fulham. Everyone brought something. Caroline's friend, Wrinkly Andrew, brought a pie. He was most particular that his pie dish would be returned. We ate the pie and Wrinkly Andrew got his pie dish back intact.

The pie dish became a symbol of revelry and jovi/jocularity, which is what this album is all about.

The title track isn't about the pie dish, it's about Caroline, who thought her forehead was going wrinkly, which it wasn't, no more so than the pie dish! (She also features elsewhere on the album)...

Meantime, friend Sally told a chap she couldn't come in for “coffee” as she had a sea bass in her car (?!)....all time top excuse!

“Mighty Quins” was recorded for Harlequins Rugby Club. We're still waiting for them to love it...

“Five Knuckle Shuffle” was recorded in Nashville, where, seemingly, the expression is not indigenous (phew...)

“Not Over” is...well , unashamedly Lizzy!

Fi, Lucy.....your songs got on the CD!

And finally the last track...the 2006 football anthem that, unlike our 2004 "Come On England" smash ;), got away!

Happy, happy times.


Recorded/mixed at Lakeside Studios, Nashville (Mark Dreyer); Gravity Shack, London (Jessica Corcoran);
Perry Vale Studios, London (Pat Collier); Ocean Studios (Mark Bhalla).

Mastered at Wired Masters, London

Artwork: Steve Caplin

Vocals: Neil Murray, Alexa Waters, Mark Millin
Guitars: Mark Dreyer, Neil Murray, Ken McGowan
Drums: Brian Fullen, Mark Millin, Jimi McCafferty, Mark Law, Neil's computer
Keys: Mike Rojas, Nick Lacey, Sam Corley
Bass: Dow Tomlin, Neil Murray
Pedal Steel: Bruce Bowton

All songs: Neil Murray except Quins (Bob Dylan, tweaked by NM) and Lucy (Rembrandts)

©Longmede Label, 2013 (LLCD19).