"Sweet And Sour" - the Glam tribute

From around '69 to '75 a peculiar over-the top era existed, in spite of, (or an antidote to) recession.

A riot of colour, glitter, pastiche, platforms, Afghans, loons, lurex, cheesecloth, bouffant, side burns, 'taches, hot pants, bell bottoms, mullets, boob tubes, Dr. Scholls, streakers, fondu, lava lamps, stylophones, cullotts, bean bags, water beds, choppers, Ford Capri, furry dice, Pan's People, Hot Gossip, K-Tel, Ronco, Brut, Smitty, Harmony hair spray, Milk Tray man, Vesta meals, Angel Delight, Curlywurlies, Turkish Delight, Smash (for mash get...), Spangles, Fray Bentos, Finger of Fudge, TV dinners, pineapple on a stick, black forest gateau, Wagon Wheels, Twiglets, Terry's, Terry and June, Cinzano, Campari, (Brandy and) Babycham, Party 7, Lager and blackcurrant Hirondelle, Blue Nun, Black Tower.

Cassettes, the album/double album/triple album, Betamax, 8 Track, Atari, Commodore, Apple II, floppy disks, Space Invaders, Pong, frisbees, Radio 1 DJs (enough said), proto X-factor (Hughie Green, Mickie Most, Tony Hatch), Liver Birds, Likely Lads, Please Sir, Jason King, The Sweeney, The Saint, The Professionals, Bionic Man, Charlie's Angels, Brady Bunch, Starsky and Hutch, Generation Game, Tiswas, Bagpuss, Clangers, Wombles, Swap Shop, Bazoooka Joe, space hoppers, Kerplunk, Teasmade, Hostess trolleys, Polaroids, Python, Goodies, Benny Hill, Reggie Perrin, Alf Garnett, Dougall, Bernie the Bolt, Love Boat, Happy Days, Mork and Mindy, Young And The Restless, Price is right, Little and Large, Les Dawson, Morecombe and Wise, Dad's Army, Are You Being Served?, Tommy Cooper, Brucie, Larry Grason, Dr. Who, Porridge, Monty P, Teletext, colour TV, cable TV, HBO, Soap, Saturday Night Live, M*A*S*H, Clockwork Orange, Rocky, Rocky Horror Show, The Exorcist, The Stud, Kramer vs. Kramer, The Sting, Star Wars, Godfather, Jaws, Deer Hunter, Last Tango in Paris, Towering Inferno, Midnight Express, Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Cookoo's Nest, Close Encounters, Annie Hall, Earthquake, Catch 22, Linda Lovelace - Deep Throat, Debbie Does Dallas, Emmanuel, Carry On..., Confessions Of A..., Mary Millington, Mary Whitehouse, top shelf, Penthouse, Hustler.

The 70s goes on: Sounds Of The 70s, Radio Lux, John Peel, Old Grey Whistle Test (whispering Bob Harris), festivals (Reading, Knebworth etc.), Disco Sucks, Punk, Warhol, Maclaren, Viv Westwood, Sex Pistols, Clash, Damned, Ramones, New Wave vs Old Wave (ELP, Yes, Led Zep, Sabbath, Tull, Skynrd, Purple, Doobies, Genesis, Floyd etc.). Sod The Jubilee, Rock Against Racism, CND, Beatles split, Players No. 6, Best, Marsh, Bowles, Worthington, Clough and Revie, Hunt the Shunt, Farah Fawcett, Woody Allen, Ali-Foreman- Frasier, JR, Nixon, Watergate, The Shah, Peròn, Neil Armstrong, Bruce Lee, Patty Hearst, Thatcher, Biko, Unions, 3 day week, decimalisation (10p in the meter), oil shock, '74 crash, stagflation, Viet Cong, Saigon, Camp David, Brezhnev, Bangladesh, Munich, Lebanon, Amin, Marcos, Pol Pot, Selassie, Salt II, Pinochet, Mile Island, Magaluf (Viva España! ), failed in Mexico, Poles knock England out, Ally's Tartan Army.

Terracotta Army, Laura Ashley, prog rock, heavy metal, disco, JC Superstar, Mr Men, Bloody Sunday, Mao, Red Guards, Pele, Mark Spitz, Bobby Moore, Germaine Greer, Idi Amin, Olga Korbut, Smith and Carlos (black power), Bo Derek, Lord Lucan, Clive Sinclair, Frank Spencer, Uncle Bulgaria, Red Rum, Bob Marley, Elvis (....dead, with Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison etc.), Elton John, A. Cooper, Costello, Frampton, Quo, Ted Heath, Harold Wilson, (then Thatcher), Bellow, Updike, King, Leo Sayer, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Barry Manilow, Abba, New York Dolls, Gary Glitter, Alvin Stardust, Bay City Rollers, David Essex, Lieutenant Pidgeon, Jackson 5, David Cassidy, The Carpenters, 10cc, The Rubettes, The Osmonds, Showaddywaddy. And most Glamtastically: Bowie, TRex, Mud, Slade, Susi Q and The Sweet!

This was GLAM. This is our tribute.

Listen on Soundcloud.

3 Piece Sweet are:
Neil Murray - vocals/guitars
Mark "Milly" Millin - drums/vocals
(who wishes to thank Bern Stuiver
for inspiring the whole thing!)
Alexa Waters - vocals
Ken McGowan - guitars
Andy Kinch - keys

Recorded/mixed at
Gravity Shack, London (Jessica Corcoran)
Perry Vale Studios, London (Pat Collier)
Master at Wired Masters, London

In 2013 we went to see The Sweet perform for the benefit of Ingrid, an old friend of the band. We spoke to Andy Scott, the guitar player in a pub in south London 40 years after it all happened. We gave him some of these songs. Wonder if he listened... ..?)

PS If you want more '70s people, check out this list!

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