Here Comes The Now

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The Album

Unlike Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba and London Town, this is more a "content album" (groan…!). It rather came from nowhere, Neil (with some input from Kevin) having pretty much written it over a weekend! At this time, a curious American fellow called Leigh appeared on the scene and, for reasons which still escape us, Andy James was recruited to drum. We think he used to be in the army. Unfortunately, we didn't go a bundle on parry-diddling as opposed to rocking. Our man Leigh was a total basket case who seemed to want to "smoke a bowl" merely to celebrate having survived from Monday to Tuesday. The rest of us were more minded to stick to the menthols.

You will also hear a bit of Rueben the barrister on keyboards on this album although 1997 was in fact a curious and fractured year. Let's just say that we had a smattering of the Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Patti Boyd scenario - well, the third division version of it. In any event, it caused the end of The Hamptons' line up thitherto.

We give credit to Cameron at Raezor Recording who not only endured the task of trying to make The Hamptons sound passable but also the intra-band personal flare ups which periodically interrupted the sessions - guess that's rock and roll too - Cameron the island of tranquillity, stormbringers around him!

Listen to "Tell the Hangman" on this album and tell us if you can't sing Benny Hill's "Ernie the Milkman" along to it!… "and he drove the fastest milk cart in the west". In the end, we decided not to have any photos on this album - it all seemed painful and inappropriate - "best leave it", as Nigel Tufnell once said...