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The Album

What can we say about the year of the Monkey? The Hamptons on "CD:UK" and "Top of the Pops"! Yes, it finally happened, albeit via the rather quirky avenue of England 2004 football song (see link on site)!

Anyway, The Hamptons' current line-up (Neil, Mark, Nick and Dan) plus four others in the shape of Jimi, Lucy, "Mad Fiddler" and Phil the banjo player emerged from the ether via Barry BURBs' British Underground Rock Bands site (mentioned frequently on this site) - onwards to number 2 in the charts with a bullet (thwarted only by Mario Wynans, curse him!).

Also, cracking good fun negotiating the legal documents with the record company - naturally it all ended in the usual post-hit single debacle. Funnily enough, pieces of paper bearing pictures of the Queen have not descended upon us with ferocious regularity, if at all! Takes us back some ten years to the time we had to sue the record company on the "Return to Malibu" release (diary note: must think about suing again - what a chortle!)

And not forgetting the 2004 "not the Hamptons" album, being a heavy metal piss take (you have to do at least one in your life) in the shape of Krankschaft: "Der Vaterland", the name being a combination of German industrial metal and the implement that old gits use to start their old git cars (must be us then)!

This black "what could be more black - answer: none more" album includes the first, and probably last, Hamptons attempt at rap (we were dared…).

The year was also punctuated by high school reunions, blasts from the past, buying bits of Bulgaria(?) and, to cap it all, a very merry 4-4-2 Christmas sing-a-long single!

And, in the spirit of Hamptons largesse, please feel free to download not only the "Come on England" anthem (special Hamptons pre-official release version), but also the Christmas song and also a couple of Krankschaft ditties!