Neil Murray is a performer (singer, guitar player), composer, lyricist and producer based in London. He streams under Neil Murray7 and Murray & McGowan.

His intellectual property interests are held by NELP Limited (English company registration: 11280328). Here is a story of three decades, from the birth of grunge in the early 90s, to Britpop, to the twenties, all in the realm of rock, with pop/glam rock, punk, country and a few divergent flavours. Here also, for a bit of interest, is a quick reminder of what happened, generally and musically for each period.

Many of the discs came out under the band name The Hamptons. Also a glam tribute under the name Three Piece Sweet (with Hamptons drummer mark "Milly" Millin and Justin McConville).

Along the way, he co-wrote and sang the No.2 UK chart hit "Come on England", the best-selling of the 2004 Euro Football anthems.
Watch (from 50 secs in) on this Youtube video.

In 2007, his song "Still In Love With You" was featured in the film "The Killing Of John Lennon. He also produced, in 2008, the theme music for use by P1, the powerboat answer to F1.

In 2011 he chaired the charity committee for the rock concert in aid of Coram (the children's charity) that became known as "City Rocks", the first major rock concert in the City Of London. It was held at the Guildhall and was headlined by Bryan Adams. In 2014 the concert was repeated at the Royal Albert Hall, with, amongst others Lily Allen, Brian May and Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

From 2019, he collaborated with Ken McGowan and produced songs under the name Murray & McGowan ? see Discography. They later teamed up with Bob Kidby to reinvent, in the 20s, the 60s - with their own compositions, under various (invented) artists names.

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